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中共中央政治局常务委员会召开会议 研究部署防汛抗洪救灾和灾后恢复重建工作 中共中央总书记习近平主持会议

Release time: 2023-08-18

      The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on August 17 to study the deployment of flood control, flood relief and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work。中共中央总书记习近平主持会议并发表重要讲话。

      Conference notes,"Seven down eight up" is the critical period of flood control,在以习近平同志为核心的党中央坚强领导下,Party committees and governments at all levels will strengthen organizational leadership and strictly fulfill their responsibilities,The State General Defense and all relevant departments and units perform their duties and work together,The national comprehensive fire rescue team is in front,The People's Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force rushed to help,Central enterprises and social forces shouldered the burden,The broad masses of the people stand together through thick and thin,Together to build a strong line of defense for flood control and disaster relief and to protect their homes,Major progress has been made in flood control, flood relief and relief efforts。

      The meeting stressed that at present, China is still in the main flood season, many places in the country rainstorm, flood, typhoon and other disasters are still high incidence, some river basins are still flood risk, North China, northeast part of the mountain soil water content has saturated, mountain flood geological disaster risk is high, still can not relax。The emergence and development of drought in individual areas should not be taken lightly。All relevant regions, departments and units should always tighten the string of flood control and disaster relief, always put the safety of people's lives and property in the first place, and prudently complete the work of flood control and flood relief with a sense of responsibility of "always be at ease"。

      Conference notes,Precise early warning and response are required,Further strengthen the linkage between meteorological early warning and disaster forecasting,Give prominence to disaster warning,Do point-to-point accurate forecasting and rolling updates,Strengthen the direction of early warning,We will implement a disaster early warning "call response" mechanism that goes directly to the people responsible for flood control at the grassroots level,We will strengthen the linkage between early warning and emergency response,Implementation of emergency plan action measures,Take initiative in your work。We must focus on defense,Regional flood is always the top priority of flood control work,It is necessary to plan and implement the flood control operation work in river basins well,We will fully prepare plans, teams, materials and flood storage areas for operation,To ensure the safety of major rivers in flood;We will refine and implement flood protection measures for small and medium-sized river floods, flood control in small and medium-sized reservoirs, mountain floods, geological disasters, and urban and rural waterlogging,Eliminate all kinds of risks and hidden dangers before disasters;We must coordinate the work of flood control and drought relief,Strictly prevent concurrent drought and flood, and sudden changes in drought and flood。To decisively transfer risk aversion, "would rather ten prevention nine air, not in case of loss of prevention", the critical time to decisively evacuate the transfer of dangerous areas of the masses, further refine the personnel transfer risk aversion plan, to ensure that it should be turned to turn, should turn early。

      Conference emphasis,All efforts should be made to rescue,Overall planning and dispatching of the national comprehensive fire rescue team, the People's Liberation Army and Armed police forces, central enterprises and social rescue forces and other rescue forces,Ensure efficient rescue and scientific rescue,Spare no effort to strengthen the levee,Make every effort to rescue those trapped,All efforts are being made to search for the missing,Minimize casualties;Weak sections and key levees should be strengthened and raised in advance,Special forces will be arranged for non-stop patrol,Timely handling of major hazards such as piping and dam break,Resolutely hold the bottom line of the safe flood。It is necessary to properly resettle the people. This disaster is widely affected, flood storage areas are used more, and many people are relocated and resettled. It is necessary to do everything possible to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people, do a good job in environmental prevention and control, health and epidemic prevention, strengthen market supply and price stability, and restore normal production and life order in the disaster-hit areas as soon as possible。

      Conference notes,Make good use of disaster relief funds,Speed up recovery and reconstruction,We will promptly repair damaged infrastructure such as transportation, telecommunications and electricity,We will promptly repair damaged farmland and agricultural facilities,We will increase efforts to ensure the supply of agricultural supplies,We will strengthen agricultural technology guidance for farmers,Organize farmers to actively replant and remedy,We will do a good job in preventing and mitigating agricultural disasters,Minimize agricultural losses,To ensure national food security。Schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other public facilities should be restored at a faster pace to ensure that the affected students can return to school on time。It is necessary to quickly start the repair and reconstruction of damaged houses, and ensure that the affected people can go home or move into new homes before winter, so that they can stay safe and warm for the winter。Financial institutions should optimize and simplify relevant procedures, strengthen credit support and insurance claims for the disaster-stricken areas, and continue to do a good job of risk and hidden dangers, and strive to help the disaster-stricken people and business entities tide over difficulties。

      The meeting stressed that it is necessary to carefully investigate and summarize, pay close attention to make up for weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, and further improve China's disaster prevention and relief capabilities。It is necessary to further strengthen the emergency command system at all levels, improve facilities, equipment and systems such as dispatch and command, consultation, research and judgment, and business support, and ensure that all levels are connected and respond in one。It is necessary to strengthen the capacity building of national regional emergency rescue centers, focus on the implementation of urgent, difficult and dangerous tasks, highlight the needs of regional major natural disaster relief, and form regional rescue capabilities as soon as possible。Efforts should be made to improve the capacity of the community to prevent and avoid disasters, improve the organizational system of emergency management at the community level, strengthen and standardize the construction of comprehensive emergency rescue teams at the community level, equip key disaster prevention areas and high-risk towns and villages with necessary equipment, and improve the capacity of self-rescue and mutual rescue at the community level。It is necessary to speed up the improvement of flood control projects in river basins, especially major river basins in the northern region, strengthen the safety construction and operation management of flood storage and detention areas, and improve the overall defense capacity。It is necessary to strengthen the planning and construction of urban flood control and drainage capacity, upgrade the operation capacity of urban drainage networks and other infrastructure, effectively connect with river drainage projects, and ensure the smooth flow of urban backbone drainage channels。

      Meeting requirement,Party committees and governments at all levels should earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee,We will further implement principal responsibilities,Leading cadres at all levels, especially principal leading cadres, should command from the front,All relevant regions, departments and units shall perform their respective duties,Fire rescue teams, the People's Liberation Army and the Armed police force should go forward,Grass-roots Party organizations and the majority of Party members and cadres should give full play to their role as fighting fortresses and vanguard models,In the front line of flood control and flood relief, bear the burden, be the pioneer and lead the front,Rely closely on the people,We will turn the Party's political, organizational, and people-friendly advantages into powerful political advantages for flood control, disaster relief, and post-disaster recovery and reconstruction,We will make every effort to ensure the safety of people's lives and property。

      The meeting also examined other matters。

      (Source: Xinhua News Agency)