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Nine departments: do a good job in 2023 autumn grain acquisition work

Release time: 2023-09-15

      On September 15, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration and other nine departments issued a notice on effectively doing a good job in the 2023 autumn grain acquisition work as follows:

     First, improve the political position, and deeply understand the great significance of grasping the purchase of autumn grain

     This year is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congress, and it is of great significance to do a good job in grain purchase and ensure food security。The purchase of autumn grain involves many varieties, wide range and large quantity, which is the top priority of grain purchase throughout the year。We will make good efforts to purchase autumn grain,是认真落实学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育“学思想、强党性、重实践、建新功”总要求的应有之义,It is necessary to strengthen the ability to ensure food supply and consolidate the foundation of food security in all aspects,It is an inevitable requirement to keep the bottom line of farmers' "selling grain" and protect the interests of grain farmers。各单位要始终以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,切实增强We will make good efforts to purchase autumn grain工作的责任感和使命感,进一步统一思想、深化认识,主动担当、狠抓落实,确保秋粮收购各项工作顺利开展。

     Second, stimulate the vitality of buying and selling, and carefully organize market-oriented acquisitions

     It is necessary to further strengthen the concept of marketization, concentrate on the preparation of storage capacity, financing, optimization of services, standardized management and other work, guide all types of subjects to actively enter the market, give full play to the decisive role of the market in allocating food resources, and ensure that "there are people to receive grain, money to receive grain, warehouses to receive grain, and vehicles to transport grain."。We need to deepen cooperation on grain production and marketing,We will strengthen strategic coordination among governments,Expand the achievements of the 5th China Grain Trading Conference,Hold various forms of regional production and marketing negotiation activities with their own characteristics,Promote the efficient and smooth flow of grain across regions;We will encourage and support grain enterprises and farmers to purchase grain by order, store and sell on behalf of others,Establish and improve long-term cooperation mechanisms for grain purchase and marketing。It is necessary to speed up the construction of market-based financing support mechanisms for grain purchase, actively build a bank-enterprise docking platform, and consolidate and improve the use of credit guarantee funds for grain purchase loans。It is necessary to give full play to the role of the working mechanism of The State Council to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, strengthen the connection between the demand for grain transport by rail, road and water and the supply of transport capacity, and strive to improve the efficiency of grain circulation。It is necessary to further promote the quality grain project, accelerate the implementation of the "six actions to improve", and constantly improve the ability to ensure grain purchase and storage。Relevant enterprises should take the initiative to obey and serve the national macro-control, give full play to the advantages of resources such as storage capacity, capital and channels, reasonably grasp the pace of acquisitions, and effectively play an important role in leading acquisitions and stabilizing the market。

     Third, strengthen the bottom line thinking, and earnestly grasp the policy acquisition

     China Grain Storage Group Company should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of the implementation of the minimum purchase price policy,Strictly implement the relevant provisions of the Implementation Plan for the Minimum Purchase Price of Wheat and Rice (Guoliang Fa [2018] No. 99) and the Notice on the Policy concerning the Minimum Purchase Price of Rice in 2023 (Guoliang Grain [2023] No. 39),Reasonable distribution of acquisition outlets,Timely release of relevant information,Make preparations for policy purchases in advance。It is necessary to strengthen market monitoring, timely apply for the launch of the minimum purchase price implementation plan in eligible areas, and effectively play the role of policy support。We must strictly implement the policy of quality and price, and price according to quality. We must not lower prices by grade, raise prices by grade, refuse to accept grain that meets standards, and must not harm the interests of grain farmers。When necessary, all localities can adopt local temporary storage and other methods to ensure that farmers can sell grain smoothly。It is necessary to strictly maintain the quality threshold, and it is strictly prohibited for grain that does not meet food safety standards to flow into the ration market and food production enterprises。Policy-based purchase funds should be supplied in full and timely, and special funds should be used exclusively and operated in a closed manner。

     Fourth, practice the purpose of awareness, and continue to improve the level of service for agriculture

     It is necessary to firmly establish a people-centered development concept, closely meet the needs of farmers in grain sales, innovate service methods, and improve service levels。To optimize the acquisition of on-site services, according to the regulations of the price, so that the price on the wall, standards on the list, samples on the stage, do a good job of consulting, unloading guidance, accounts liquidation and other work。We should increase our efforts to explore and promote acquisition by appointment,Flexible use of mobile apps, small programs, public accounts and other ways,Let grain farmers run less errands, queue less, and sell grain faster;The operation mechanism should be improved for those who have already implemented the purchase by appointment,Those who have not made an appointment to purchase should learn from advanced experience and speed up exploration and practice,Continuously improve the quality and efficiency of acquisition work。It is necessary to consider various factors such as the production situation of key autumn grain varieties such as rice, corn and soybeans, market trends and weather changes,Comprehensive assessment of the impact on the acquisition,Study and formulate the response plan in advance;Extreme weather, such as rain or snow,Timely and targeted measures should be taken,To meet the needs of farmers in grain sales,Minimize disaster impact。It is necessary to give full play to the role of food post-production service centers to provide services such as cleaning, drying, storage, processing and sales in a timely manner;Guide farmers to store grain scientifically and help farmers reduce losses and increase income;To guide purchasing and storage enterprises to improve storage facilities, apply advanced and applicable technologies and equipment, and raise the level of grain storage and custody。It is necessary to grasp the safety of production with a sense of responsibility of "always be at ease", urge enterprises to strictly abide by the "one regulation and two codes" and the "Food storage Enterprise Safety production Operation Guide" and other operating procedures, strengthen risk and hidden danger investigation and safety operation education management, and strictly prevent the occurrence of safety production accidents。

     Fifth, we will ensure stable supply and prices and ensure the smooth operation of the grain market

     It is necessary to continue to strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the food market, closely track the dynamic changes of the food market, pay close attention to key varieties, key periods, key regions, and key links, strengthen analysis and judgment, enrich policy reserves, and master the initiative of work。It is necessary to increase publicity and guidance, interpret the purchase policy, report the effectiveness of the work through various forms such as press conferences and interviews with reporters, regularly release information on the progress of grain purchase and prices, respond to social concerns in a timely manner, and help farmers sell grain in an orderly manner and enterprises receive grain in a balanced manner。It is necessary to strengthen the coordination of grain production, purchase, storage, and marketing, coordinate the work of grain purchase, grain source dispatch, processing and marketing, scientifically grasp the timing and rhythm of the rotation of central and local reserves, and give full play to the role of handling and processing, so as to ensure adequate supply and smooth operation of the grain market。It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the food emergency security system, continue to improve the food emergency security and supply plan, and effectively improve the emergency security and supply capacity。

     Sixth, strict daily supervision, increase inspection and law enforcement

     It is necessary to strictly implement the requirements for supervision and inspection of grain purchases, focus on the quality inspection of grain purchases, payment for grain sales, policy-based grain fixed points, and implementation of water increase (deduction) standards, and other problems prone to multiple links, highlight inspection priorities, strengthen law enforcement and supervision, and promptly eliminate risks and hidden dangers。We should give full play to the role of 12325 and 12315 hotlines,We will broaden the channels for people to complain and report,Establish a quick response mechanism for problem clues,Seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations such as "rotating grain", "topping new with old", "receiving before transferring", "fake acquisition", "grading and pricing", and "not clearly marking prices according to regulations";We will strengthen oversight of grain-related funds。We will strengthen multi-departmental coordination, improve the mechanism for transferring problem clues, and form a synergy for supervision and inspection。It is necessary to strictly implement the information construction and application requirements of supervision in the field of grain purchase and marketing, and comprehensively apply information systems to policy-based grain purchases to ensure real-time data interconnection and accurate reflection of business realities。Food industry associations and intermediary organizations should strengthen industry self-discipline, guide enterprises to abide by the law, operate in good faith, and maintain a good market order。

     7. Strengthen organizational guarantees to ensure the implementation of various policies and measures

     It is necessary to strictly implement the requirements of the same responsibility of the party and the government for food security, improve the acquisition plan, clarify the division of tasks, consolidate responsibilities at various levels, and solidly promote the work of autumn grain acquisition。It is necessary to give full play to the role of the relevant coordination mechanism for grain purchase, strengthen cross-level, cross-regional and cross-departmental linkage and horizontal coordination, and properly solve the practical problems encountered in the purchase。It is necessary to seriously implement the deployment requirements of Daxing investigation and research, run the investigation and research through the whole process of autumn grain acquisition, take the initiative to go into the field and the acquisition line, widely listen to opinions and suggestions, and constantly optimize the acquisition policies and measures。Major problems should be reported to local party committees, governments and relevant state departments in a timely manner。

     Source: National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration